Lemon Squeezy

Create your own Lemon Squeezy store to start selling Subscriptions.

To be able to process Subscriptions, you will need to setup your Lemon Squeezy store. Follow the steps below to set up your complete Lemon Squeezy store, ready for testing!

If you want to learn more about Lemon Squeezy, please visit their Homepage.

Create your Lemon Squeezy store

Before we can setup the variables and retrieve the important information, we will first need to sign up: Register. Fill in the required information to create an account.

Lemon Squeezy signup form

Create your store

After you have confirmed your emailadress, it is time to setup your store. Fill out the required information:

  1. Store name: The name of your company, or the store you want to use
  2. Store url: Your personalized store url. This can be used for customers to directly access your Lemon Squeezy store.
  3. Country: Select your companies country. This is important, as Tax compliance will be done based on your location!
  4. Click on create store

Lemon Squeezy Store creation

Personal store settings

Navigate to the settings page of your personal project and fill out the required information. After all information has been added, make sure to Save changes.

Contact email is mandatory

Create a product

After the store settings have been saved, you can then Create your first product. Go to the Products page and click on Create Product.

Within the product, we have to setup some additional information:

  1. Name: The name of your product. This will also be visible from your storefront! i.e. 'Subscription for Supaboost'
  2. Description: Give the product a short and clear description. I.e. 'Monthly subscription which gives the user full access to Supaboost services'
  3. Pricing: Here you should select Subscription. As the template is built around Subscription based SaaS.
  4. Price: Add your price per period. For example $19 per month
  5. Free trial: Optional. Can set this to true if you want to add a trial period for new users.
  6. Tax category: Software as a Service (SaaS)
  7. Media: Add images of your application/logo/etc. You can add multiple images and select the one you want to display
  8. Files: If you are using Files which can be downloaded upon purchase, you can add those here.
  9. Variants: Select different variants for the same product.
  10. Redirect customer after purchase: Add a redirect to your /success page. Can also be done when you are finished with the template.
  11. Display product on storefront: You have the possibility to show/hide the product on the main page of your store. If you want to only allow custom sign-up, disable this.

When you are done, select Publish product!

Create Lemon Squeezy product

Create API Key

Next we are going to create an API key. This key will be used to fetch your Products, Variants and later Invoices from Lemon Squeezy.

  1. On the left panel, select Settings > API
  2. Then select the + icon to create a new API Key Create API Key Lemon Squeezy
  3. Enter the name of your API Key - Example: Computer Supaboost
  4. Select Create API Key
  5. Copy the code and store it somewhere you can access it later!

Create Webhook

The webhook is used to create and receive information from Lemon Squeezy. After a subscription is created, the webhook will write information to the webhook. This information will be used to populate our Supabase database.

It's important to note that this needs to be updated later, when we have setup a local server.

  1. On the left panel, select Settings > Webhooks
  2. Then select the + icon to create a new Webhook Create webhook lemon squeezy
  3. Add a callback URL. Enter a dummy webhook
  4. Add a signing secret. (generate a UUID with UUID Generator)
    • Store the webhook secret
  5. Select the following webhooks:
    • subscription_created
    • subscription_updated
    • subscription_cancelled
    • subscription_resumed
    • subscription_expired
    • subscription_paused
    • subscription_unpaused
  6. Click on Save Webhook Update webhook setting Lemon Squeezy

Storing Lemon Squeezy information

To be able to connect to your store, save the following information:

  1. Webhook secret
  2. API Key
  3. Product ID (Copy this from your product) Copy product id Lemon Squeezy
  4. Store ID (the name you entered in the URL)