Next.js Packages

Installing the required dependencies and packages for your SaaS.

One step to be able to implement your project, is to have the right dependencies. The project is built with dependencies already, which can be seen in package-lock.json.

I won't write all of these down here, but to be able to use these, you will need to install them on your local project.

Installing the dependencies

To install the dependencies, you need to run the install command in the terminal.

Open the terminal (if you don't have it open), then run one of the following commands, depending on your personal setup:


 npm install


 yarn install


 pnpm install

If everything worked correctly, you should see:

 added 341 packages, and audited 342 packages in 23s
 43 packages are looking for funding
 found 0 vulnerabilities

Starting your development server

Now you can start the application!

 npm run dev

If everything went correctly, you will now have a running template!

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