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Before Supaboost: Spent weeks setting up user management, integrations with a payment processing company, creating the database schema and setting up Row Level Security. After Supaboost: Start working on your new SaaS idea instantly, with ready made integrations and database schemas.

Does this apply to you?


You have a good idea for your next SaaS application, but don't know where to start as you are a starting developer.


You are a skilled developer, but don't want to waste weeks on developing the basic setup.


You want to find product-market fit, but to do so your need to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first.

We've got what you need. You need a Supaboost.

Supaboost Building Blocks

By using Supaboost, you can save at least 30 days developing your next SaaS. Let's look at the Supaboost Building Blocks, to see how you can benefit today.

nextjs as framework saas template starter kit

Next.js 14

Supaboost is built using the number one React framework: Next.js. With SSR, incredible load times and constant updates, you make sure your SaaS is future proof.

supabase as backend in a saas template starter kit


By utilizing Supabase, you have access to a database with out of the box Authentication, Edge Functions, instant APIs, Realtime and much more.

lemon squeezy as payment provider in saas starter template

Lemon Squeezy

Billing on overdrive. Create, update, cancel, resume subscriptions. All while also benefiting from the Lemon Squeezy Merchant of Record (global tax) feature.

easy to understand code for startertemplate

Easy to understand codebase

Clear code, which can be easily interpreted and build upon. Updated frequently to ensure optimal performance and also includes comments to describe which code does what. On top, we also provide quick-start templates so you can start building your own SaaS on top of the existing Supaboost functionality.

typescript as language in saas starter template


Type safety using Typescript, to make sure you don't use any incorrect population of data. You can even automatically generate types based on your Supabase backend!

Lemon Squeezy Subscriptions

The Supaboost starter kit has a fully functional integration with Lemon Squeezy. You can start billing your users from day 1! The benefit of Lemon Squeezy is that they are both a Payment Processor and a Merchant of Record. As a SaaS company, you will be dealing with international laws and taxes. By using Supaboost as starter kit, Lemon Squeezy will take care of the international Tax duties. This way you can focus on acquiring new customers and working on adding features to your new application!

Plug and play

Add your Lemon Squeezy information and immediately have a interface between your SaaS application and your personal Lemon Squeezy portal

Self-service Subscription

All users will be able to self-manage their subscription. Change, update, cancel subscriptions and update payment method are all available.


Users will have all invoices available in their portal. They can view totals, per month and download the invoice details through Supaboost.

Subscription model

The benefit of using Lemon Squeezy, is that you get to decide the type of subscription you provide. Freemium, Seat based, Flat rate and Usage based.

User Management

Supaboost comes with a fully fledged user management module. Users will be able to register themselves, create their own organization and add new users. Users can see specific parts of the application, which includes the actions they can complete (RBAC).


With Supabase Authentication, your users will be able to sign up, sign in and create/add users in both a safe and structured manner.

Role Based Access Control

Supaboost comes with three different roles: Owner, Admin, Member. Based on the role a user has, they will be able to access pages, have specific rights and be able to add billing.

Organization Management

Users are able to set and update their own organization and the users that have access to this organization.

Admin panel

Within the admin panel, you are be able to view users, check active subscriptions, filter users and organizations based on activity and report on the dashboard,.

The Supaboost Quickstart Bundle

Supaboost offers more than just the codebase. Let's look at the complete bundle, to see how you can save both time and money launching your next SaaS!

BenefitValue in €
Supaboost Starter Template (60 development days)4500
Supabase SQL Scripts - Tables200
Supabase SQL Scripts - Functions and Triggers200
Supabase SQL Scripts - Row Level Security300
Visualization of Table Design and Relations500
Next.js 14 Page Templates (Server, Client, API)800
Building your next SaaS in daysPriceless
Total value6500

Launch your next SaaS, soon!

Get full, lifetime access to V1.0

Easy set up with Lemon Squeezy integration for payments

Authentication & Authorization from Supabase with custom Roles

Secure PostgreSQL database schema

SQL script to create Triggers, Functions, RLS & Tables

Company/team based application (made for B2B SaaS)

Automatic Type updates based on Database schema

Complete user management (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

Styling with shadcn ui & dark mode available

Row Level Security made specifically for team/company applications

Extensive documentation and guides that guide you through the complete setup and more



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