Deploy the project to GitHub

From the initial creation to the first commit of your new SaaS.

As I have mentioned before, this step is not mandatory. But I would advise to use GitHub, for versioning, keeping track of your history and setting up policies.

Deploying your new project

It is possible to deploy to GitHub in two different methods (there is more, but we focus on two for now):

  1. Using Git
  2. Using GitHub desktop

You just need to use one of these two, not both!

Deploy using Git

If you use the terminal, you are most likely a seasoned developer already and you know your way around the code. In any case, to deploy using the terminal, follow the following steps:

1. Create a new repository on GitHub

  • Add a Repository name
  • Define if it is public or private
  • Do not add README, .gitignore and License
  • Select 'Create repository'

Github repository with CLI

2. Copy the code generated under ...or create a new repository on the command line

    echo "# <YOUR_PROJECT_NAME>" >>
    git init
    git add
    git commit -m "first commit"
    git branch -M main 
    git remote add origin <YOUR_URL>
    git push -u origin main

3. Open the project in your code editor

  • In this example, I use Visual Studio Code. Any is fine, as long as you can open the terminal

4. Your code editor should look like this when the correct folder is opened:

Visual Studio Code with Supaboost

5. Open the Terminal

  • Open the Terminal with one of these two:
    • CTRL + `
    • Selecting Terminal > New terminal

6. Run the code

  • After you have copied the code and have the terminal open, it is time to run the code for the repository generation.
  • Paste the code into the terminal (Shift + Insert)
  • Run the code using enter

Deploy using GitHub desktop

The second method you can use to deploy your project is through the use of GitHub desktop.

1. Download & Open GitHub Desktop

Download GitHub desktop from

2. Create new repository

When you have GitHub opened, select File > New repository

  • Hotkey is CTRL + N

Github Desktop create new repository

  • Enter the required information in the opened page

Github Desktop create new repository from desktop

  • Select create repository

3. Publish Repository

After you have created the repository through GitHub desktop, you still need to Publish the repository.

  • Click on Publish Repository in GitHub Desktop

Publish Repository using GitHub Desktop