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Upgrade to the next level. Go from SaaS Starter Kit to Product-Market Fit

Now that your template has been setup, you are probably wondering how to go about upgrading to the next level. Supaboost makes it super easy to finish what you have started.

In this part of the documentation, we will take you through the essential parts of going from a 'Template', 'Starter Kit' or 'Boilerplate' to a 'Finished product'. And most importantly, getting your application to your users.

Up next

The easy part has now been completed, Supaboost can take you from 0 to Template using just the docs, the provided SQL templates and the boilerplate code. The next part is up to you.

It's important to note, that these are not mandatory. If you want to choose a different hosting, payment processor or even different backend, that's up to you. You can follow any topic, without having to follow each topic in a set order. We just provide the most logical next steps, based on the Supaboost template (Next.js, Supabase, Lemonsqueezy).

First we will look at hosting your new SaaS application. Next up we will make sure you can validate your SaaS application, and manage what your users see. This can be done through analytics which is incorporated in Supaboost.

Once we have the online part completed, we can look at upgrading your application so you can make Supaboost your own. Or better said, convert the Boilerplate to a real SaaS application. On top of that, we will look at RBAC (Role-based access control) and how to upgrade your existing roles to the ones that fit your app.

We will also look at how you can update your types automatically, using a simple command line stored in package.json. This way you can easily update your types, to make sure your TypeScript types are always up to date.

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Publish your SaaS on the web



Making sure you know what your users are up to