Installation and Configuration

Set up your local development project to start building your SaaS.

Now that you have a Supabase project and Lemon Squeezy store, you will finally be able to start preparing your own instance of the Supaboost SaaS Boilerplate.

As we have seen in the previous pages, make sure you store your application information correctly. If you need a quick reminder, we would suggest going back to: Pre-requisites.

Otherwise, check out the .example.env.local file below to verify if you are missing anything:

    *** Supabase Setup ***

    *** Lemon Squeezy Setup ***

We will start with setting up your local project, before diving into GitHub, the dependencies, Row Level Security and more.

Downloading your template

After you have bought a license for Supaboost you will be able to download the ZIP through Lemon Squeezy. You can find the ZIP and all other content in the email that you received from Lemon Squeezy.

After you have downloaded the zip, extract it to your development folder. This can be any folder you want, as long as you remember where you store your Boilerplate.

  • O.K. maybe not anywhere. Don't store on your desktop or external hard disk.

You can use the default functionality from Windows, or select a different tool. In this example I have used WinRar (the Free trial one!). You can also use a tool such as 7ZIP, default Microsoft ZIP tool or any tool you like.

Be sure to check the Supaboost portal on Lemon Squeezy first. We might have a newer version of Supaboost available. If there is a new version available, it would be a waste to use an older version of the template! As you would have to upgrade later to have all the latest features.

Extracting to your development folder

  1. After downloading your ZIP, right click the ZIP file to extract the Supaboost Boilerplate.

Right click to extract

  1. Choose the map you use for GitHub development.
    • It is not mandatory to use GitHub, I just prefer it. (Also for Deployment later)

Select the right folder for development