Build your own SaaS, using your own instance of the Supaboost SaaS Starter kit

Welcome to the Documentation page of Supaboost.

On this page, we will guide you through the setup of Supaboost, including the additional services we are using for the installation and integration.

The goal of this documentation section is to describe each step that needs to be taken. The documentation will give you on the pre-requisites, to be able to setup your instance of Supaboost. After that, we will go through the installation. Within this, we will touch all sub-service organizations, to make sure all is setup correctly.

After you have completed the pre-requisites and the installation, it is time to deploy your application online, adding more tables or installing analytics. The fun part is, you are not restricted to anything here. If you have any request on next steps, feel free to reach out. We would love to help you get above and beyond what Supaboost normally delivers.

If you are already experienced with how to setup Supabase and Lemon Squeezy, you are free to continue to the Installation and Configuration part of the documentation! While you do so, make sure you are aware of where you can find each of the required information. If you are unsure, we would suggest you follow the steps one-by-one anyway.

Hopefully by the end of the documentation, you will have a good understanding of the power of Nextjs, Supabase and Lemon Squeezy. But most importantly, are that much closer to having a succesful and profitable SaaS business.

With that out of the way, we hope you enjoy setting up your instance of Supaboost. If you find any issue, however small, please feel free to contact us over at Twitter!

Table of content


The documentation for Supaboost



What topics do we need to install, before we can start developping.


Installation & Configuration

How to make your system production ready


Next steps

Go from Starter Kit to Product-Market Fit