Supabase SSR Templates

With each Supabase update, new features become available. On top of that, almost every Supabase Launch Week brings in additional frameworks to work with Supabase.

For Supabase, maintaining each individual framework became a huge burden. As such, they introduced a new package: @supabase/ssr. This package not only provides a single package for Supabase to maintain, but also a single package for developers to work with across all platforms.

Let's look at the Clients that the new package creates:

  • Server Client
  • Browser Client - Also known as 'Client Client'

That's it. One package with two client to create both a server and a browser client, which both connect to Supabase. The functionality contains Pages (ssr/client), Components, Middleware and API Routes.

While you can simply copy and paste the middleware, the others are a bit harder. That is why we created templates for you to simply copy and paste.

The best thing? It is completely free

What is included in the template?



Each to use, drag and drop templates which you can use to directly create a Page, Component or API Route specifically for the Supabase Server Side Rendering package.



Within the free templates we have also included two examples. These examples contain both a Server and Client page, to show what is possible and give more insight into the new Supabase SSR package.

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