The Supaboost Roadmap

  1. Third-Party Integrations

    1. Implement all Lemonsqueezy Subscription types ✔️
    2. Implement Server-side useContext to improve performance from Supabase queries ✔️
    3. Mobile native layout ✔️
  2. Admin Panel upgrades

    1. Add User Impersonation logic
    2. Implement Dashboard for active Companies, Users and Subscriptions
    3. Update guide for deploying the admin panel
    4. Update User settings, to work with Super Admin (Customer Service)
  3. General updates

    1. Update 'Next steps' in documentation
    2. Research integration for additional payment processors
    3. Implement 'Holy-grail' layout and option to choose between
  4. Backlog

    1. Implement additional payment processors
    2. Configure useContext for the complete application
    3. Implement Magic Link authentication
    4. Single-Sign On for Organizations
    5. Dashboarding
    6. User creation logic upgrade
    7. Write guides on upgrading your application
    8. Guide on applying Webhooks
    9. Additional UI frameworks
    10. User management from Admin Panel
    11. Integrated landing and application

Continuous updates

As you can see, Supaboost is never finished. We want to provide the best option for you by making continuous upgrades and updates to the existing functionality. While Supaboost is a finished product right now, we understand that SaaS and requirements change and upgrade over time

That is why we want to create the best experience for you, whether you are a new or experience developer or founder. With each upgrade, we will provide an upgrade guide on how to upgrade your existing codebase to the latest version of Supaboost.

SaaS applications and businesses are never done improving. This is also the philosophy we apply to Supaboost. We aim for Supaboost 1% better everyday, so while you can enjoy a complete SaaS Starter Kit today, we want to you to have access to the best version available on the market.

While there is always something big or small to improve, Supaboost is a full-fledged production ready SaaS Boilerplate built on top of Next.js, Supabase and Lemon Squeezy. It comes ready with Database schema, Authentication (with reset password and OAuth), Admin Panel and much more. On top of that, we provide a complete documentation to go from 0 to finished product!

Have an additional feature request for Supaboost? Feel free to contact us at: